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The Building

In the mid nineteenth century the Third Marquess of Bute commissioned renowned architect William Burgess (architect of Castell Coch and Cardiff Castle) to develop Cathedral Road to his specific exacting and high standards.

Once occupied by the well to do families of Cardiff’s great industrial families and shipping magnates, Cathedral Road has always presented an aspirational grandeur to travellers entering and leaving the city.


William Burgess brought his love of neo-classical and gothic design to his work on Cathedral Road and this can be clearly seen in Cathedral Parc’s cloistered archways, arched windows and floral detailing.

Central to the design is the folly-like tower rising above with magnificent views over the park, while the guarding gargoyles on each of the building’s corners shows off his legendary playfulness.

The level of detail and the unique features of Cathedral Parc suggests that Burgess was particularly fond of the building and the result as a whole is magnificent.